This school was started in fond Memory of the Late Mr. V.Samapath Kumar (Father of Mr.Hari Viswanath)
Sarvvam School is envisioned to be an alternate school, following the current research and guidance laid out by Dr. Maria Montessori. Sarvvam believes that ‘every child is unique and it is our duty to celebrate this uniqueness.’

Mr.Hari Viswanath, the founder of Sarvvam, nurtured a vision to change the way school is looked at, long before he obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree and working for the field of design at arious Asian countires. He discovered that the Montessori philosophy of helping children learn naturally in a cooperative, non-competitive and friendly environment reflected his aim. Hence, in 2010, Sarvvam Preschool was established in Race Course with a group of six children, with the aim of providing an atmosphere where learning is a joyful experience for children.He subsequently set up the Montessori Elementary environment in Sept. 2014 , which is one of its kind in the local township , Coimbatore with alternative education.

Sarvvam has now grown to a strength of over a hundred children ranging from the age of two and a half to eight years.

The intention of Sarvvam is to offer a place where the whole community can inquire together into the perennial questions of mankind and explore an approach to life that is whole, mindful and intelligent.

Sarvvam encourages students to adapt and acquire learning with individual freedom. The freedom that is embedded into the school’s culture, curriculum, classroom practice and expectations of student learning ” Freedom of Living & Earning a framework which includes:

  • Freedom of Inquiry (observation, fact-finding, research, self-reflection…)
  • Freedom of Communication (listening, speaking, writing…)
  • Freedom of Academia (knowledge & application of academic standards…)
  • Freedom of Engagement (attention, self-direction, meta-cognition…)
  • Freedom of Aesthetics (appreciation of beauty, finding the artist within…)
  • Freedom of Caring & Relationship to Self, Others, Local & Global Communities
  • Freedom of Environment (understanding & awareness, mindful stewardship…)
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